Start your day with Sunrise Orators


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our club is meeting online via Zoom until further notice. Go to our Meetup page for further details, or email us at

Who are we?

Sunrise Orators is an energetic morning Toastmasters Club located in the heart of the financial district in downtown Toronto. We meet on Thursday mornings from 7:30am to 8:30am. We are an open club and welcome members from a wide variety of backgrounds and vocations.

Why Toastmasters?

Whether you are an experienced speaker seeing to hone your presentation skills or are coming to Toastmasters to help calm your fear of public speaking—or are somewhere in between—we are here to help. The environment is friendly and supportive, and the self-paced program allows you to build confidence with each speaking assignment. You choose your speaking topics for each project, which is designed to work on a particular skill, from the basics (such as speech organization and use of gestures and voice) to more advanced skills (such as giving an inspirational or motivational speech). Constructive evaluation is the heart of the Toastmasters program. Each time you give a speech, an evaluator will point out strengths and suggest improvements. Like every Toastmasters club, Sunrise Orators is run entirely by its members, and together we help each other meet our goals for improvement.

Become a Better Speaker – Toastmasters will give you the skills and confidence you need to effectively express yourself in any situation, including making presentations, facilitating meetings, and speaking “off the cuff” in impromptu situations. By learning to formulate and convey your ideas, you open a new world of possibilities. You will be more persuasive and confident when giving presentations and you will improve your one-on-one dealings with others.

Become a Leader – Leadership is the art of persuading others to do what you wish. To succeed, you need to communicate, and you need to work as a team. At Toastmasters, you will do both. You will find out how to vary your approach to suit the needs of different people, be they the audience for a speech, the committee for a fundraiser or your coworkers and managers.

Why a Morning Club?

Our members find that our early morning meeting time helps us to get a great start to the day without needing to worry as much about our workload or last-minute meetings or deadlines that may hinder our participation in lunch or evening clubs. We arrive at work energized and ready to meet the challenges of our day.

How Do I Join?

We welcome guests to attend any of our meetings, meet our members, and ask lots of questions!

You will find us at First Canadian Place (100 King Street West) in the Mezzanine (2nd floor) Food Court every Thursday from 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM. If you would like further information, please visit our club or contact us at: